I don’t know about you, but this Saturday I had major FOMO.  Not just because of the Royal Wedding, but I realised that vie never been to Windsor.  While doing my Windsor restraint recon, I saw Yo Sushi was doing a special Royal Wedding Afternoon tea.  I’m not embarrassed to admit this, but I really love Yo Sushi, so much, in fact, I chose to ring in the New Year this year at the Southbank Restaurant.  Seeing that this Afternoon Tea was only available in Windsor, I did not want to suffer more FOMO.

Le Bab: The Weekend Bottomless Lunch

I know bottomless brunches are all the rage. It seems like the entire world loves a good bottomless brunch.  I'm blaming it on Carrie Bradshaw for creating that lust for lazy brunch with free flowing bubbly.  Im a fan of brunch, but not so much a boozy one. I prefer my eggs with coffee and not proscecco. Given the option I'd prefer an early lunch followed by a boozy lunch.  Kudos for the Kings of the Kebab Le Bab for getting into the boozy lunch game.  

The Food

Le Bab is serving up their classic weekend lunch menu as their food offering for the brunch.  I sampled most of the menu and it's all solid.  Started with the Chicken nuggets, a corriander heavy free range chicken thigh nugget with paprika mayo.  I tell you, never trust someone that does not prefer chicken thigh over the breast.  There is so much flavour in there. These nuggets were delish and could have eaten a couple of portions.   The Lebab Bahjis were insanely moorish.   They take uber tender braised lamb shoulder and beef then stuff them into an onion bhaji, deep fry it and boom... HEAVEN.  They serve it with a  smoked chilli mayo.  Three days later I was STILL dreaming of these little balls of joy!The kebabs are the poshest that you will find whilst maintaining the inherent Kebab qualities. I asked for a suggestion for what to order as they all looked good. I went for the Pork Shawarma, mainly because she said it had a fattier quality to it, and I'm all about the fat.   The free range pork is roasted for 15 hours then topped with pickled kohlrabi, crackling and zhoug mayo.  I don't know how I can look at another kebab the same now.  I mean seriously.   Le Bab's side games were on point as well.   The pomegranate & endive salad made for a perfect side with the tartness from the pomegranate and bitter from the endive. With a kebab, you have to have chips, and Le Babs is a posh take on that with double cooked chip and a silky cheese fondue for dipping.  

Le Bab

Le Bab 

Le Bab

The Vibe

The vibe is bright and airy with marble table tops that are bathed in natural sunlight. The cocktails were completely free flowing.  Loved the bloody mary and the Le Bab Spritz. Happily drink them for a couple of hours whilst nibbling this delious food. 

The Verdict

I have to admit this was my first time at Le Bab, I know the shame im bringing on myself there.  Im proud to say that this will certainly not be the last.. bottomless cocktails or not.   Please note that I was a guest of Le Bab for the afternoon.

Top Floor, Kingly CourtCarnaby Street, London, W1B 5PW


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If you ask for recommendations for an Indian Brunch in London, I guarantee you that 99% of the responses will say Dishoom. I would wholeheartedly agree with that response, in fact, that would be the recommendation that would come to mind. Yes, the breakfast/brunch offering there is pretty amazing… (drooling now thinking about that bacon naan), but I don’t think there have ever been any contenders to take that crown…. Well, that is until Dum Biryani launched their Hyderabad Brunch offering two weeks ago.

Someone once said that the only thing that never changes is that things will change.  (Or something like that). London is always changing and that one thing that I really love.  Love how the changes subtly happen in areas that you don’t visit that often.  One of the quickest changing areas for me is Soho, other than the areas that I’ve lived in, it’s the one area of town that I’ve spent in varying levels of drunkenness in.

It’s fun to regale the history of what used to be in each location… Like the Fetish Shop that became a Hotel Chocolate, then The Nata café.  How about my favourite late night sandwich shop, Old Compton Café that somehow became another less flamboyant Balan’s.

How about the video game arcade on Old Compton Street where you used to be able to play that dancing game in the window (Such good memories of that place) that became soulless eatery that was Muriel’s to its latest incarnation of the Old Compton Brasserie.

You know how you often dismiss a place based on what you think it would be… for example, a pub serving Japanese food or buying choux from a street food seller.   Things that you thought that never would be good but turn out to be great. I've only known OLSO as being a music venue so always assumed that the food would be bog standard pub grub.   You can imagine how surprised I was when I tried out the new summer menu.

Unless you are a vegan or vegetarian…. There is nothing tastier than a beautiful slab of meat cooked to perfection with a nice caramelised crust on the outside and buttery tender on the inside.   The only way to achieve that is from high heat, which you can achieve in the kitchen, well you can in my flat if you don’t mind setting off every fire alarm. 

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