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Spiked Eggnog – No Cook Method

One Christmas tradition that I miss here in the UK is eggnog. Proper eggnog. Not an Eggnog Latte (they are not the same) Most certainly not Advocat which someone tried to pass off on me when I first moved here.

You can get eggnog here in the UK, but its super expensive and its filled with preventives and UBER sweet. This recipe is kind of easy and uses a blender and a hand whisk.

Eggnog is generally spiked with rum, brandy or bourbon. I’ve gone with a mixture of Jack Daniels Fire for some cinnamon heat, Absolut Vanilla for some sweetness and Bulleit Bourbon for a kick.

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Mulgroni – Mulberry Gin Negroni

Mulgroni - Mulberry Gin Negroni
One of my favourite Autumn cocktails is a Classic Negroni. There is something about the bitter orange and vermouth rosso that cuddles me like being under a chunky blanket. ⠀Totes Cozy right?   As much as i love them, gin and tonics do not cut it for me when there is a chill in the air! 
I love this little play on the classic by swapping out the gin for the slightly fruity  Boodles Mulberry Gin

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Shake Shack Crispy Pickle Burger

I’m a sucker for pickles. You have heard me proclaim my love for them numerous times on here. When i read that @shakeshackuk were doing a crispy pickle burger as a special my mouth began to water. They take a pair of their beef patty and melt some creamy provolone cheese on them. Stack some sweet white onions, deep fried pickles and garlic mayo and sandwich it between potato buns… you have one epic @burger. Its only around for 2 months and this won’t be the last time I get my chops on it! ⠀

Wahaca Mexican Market Eating Summer Lunch

Summertime snacking at @wahaca . Completely smitten with the new Summer Menu at Wahaca… I’ve always liked Wahaca, but I think that I’m leaning toward the feelings of love for the place. The summer menu feels like they are taking a few more risks to push the boat out. The highlights were the perfectly layered Mexico City Nachos with some goodness on each tortilla. ? Just look at that pea studded ricotta tostada, felt both smugly virtuous and decadent at the same time! The summer menu is across all branches now. .⠀
Tuck in and let me know what you think! ⠀

Berber & Q Brunch in Dalston

Mega Brunch goals here at @berberandq with their Moroccan take on the Patty Melt. Take a meaty merguez sausage patty sandwich it with goats cheese, shallots and honey grill it between butter slathered bread. It’s part of their new brunch offering taken from @ChefJoshKatz debut cookbook. The menu reads really well with shakusha, midle eastern spiced buttermilk fried chick and turkish eggs. Cant wait to try out some of the recipes at home. .
Berber & Q is out now and you can buy it through the link in my profile. .

Island Poke x Claw Collaboration

Another killer Poke Collab bowl from @islandpokeuk . This time sees them pair up with the purveyors of sustainable seafood @clawfood . This technicolour dream bowl features Beetroot-cured trout ( a first for poke bowls in the UK), leafy greens, yuzu ricotta, pickled English pear, togarashi, edamame & shoestring beetroot crisps. It’s sweet and earthy with a creamy tang from that yuzu ricotta. Go seek it out! ⠀

Breakfast at Isla Ray Cafe in Deptford

Keeping it local with this colourful yet simple brunch at @isla_ray_cafe . Crispy hash browns, tomatoes, avocado, fried egg and lashings or sriracha mayo. So much love for this newly opened quirky cafe on Deptford High St. The high street is one of the things I love most about Deptford. With the exception of 2 of the big supermarket chains and one multinational coffee outpost, its all about small local businesses taking up the empty shopfront bringing individualism and vibrancy to the street.

Bone Daddies x Nagi Ramen

The secret to a brilliant take over/collaboration is picking a brand to collaborate with that aligns perfectly with your brand and #BoneDaddiesXNagiRamen does just that. If i had not known that this was a kitchen takeover i could have been tricked into thinking this was @bonedaddies test kitchen. The Chefs Special was a chilled ramen with a light and fragrant shelfish infused broth that would have been so freaking refreshing on one of those blistering hot summer day. The Black King was what I was gagging to slurp as it was a 10/10 for me on paper. It was nice, but I thought it was a little heavy on the garlic oil that left a really bitter taste on my palate. It’s just not for me. The star of the show as the Green King with its nod to Genoa. The deeply rich and silky⠀
basil and parmesan broth was pure pleasure to slurp to the very last drop. ⠀
Does it make me a #RamenLovingFraud if I’ve never heard of @ramennagi_jp before the announcement of the Takeover? Hope Not, because its now on my list of ramen to try when I’m over on that side of the world⠀

Comptoir Libanais – Vegan Menu Launch

I woke up feeling a little clever when I realised that I could shout about @comptoirlibanais new vegan menu. After all its Monday which means I can use the #MeatFreeMonday hashtag. But it’s Tuesday really, so now not only am I feeling hungry looking at this Vegan mezze platter, but also feeling a bit daft for thinking its Monday. Now let’s talk about this platter its £8.95 and its a meal in its self. Fresh and vibrant and loads of different textures to be had. You are not going to find any mock meats on their vegan menu, which I think is really nice as Lebanese food really adapts itself for a plant-based diet. ⠀

Cinnamon Kitchen Lunch

Wanna know a secret? I rarely eat out for dinner. Yeah, you will see me doing it sometimes. If I’m honest, I would rather have a lovely lunch with friends. Let’s not forget you can great value deals when you lunch. ⠀

Like this meal from @cinnamonrestaurants at @batterseapwrstn . 2 Courses for £18.00 and that’s seven days a week. We added a couple of dishes to the table. But seriously could have just done the offer. ⠀

Quite smitten with Battersea Powerstation at the moment. There are so many restaurants that I love there and taking the @thamesclippers there makes me feel like I’m in Venice. #circuswestvillage is just the first phase of development. This is going to become an ultimate destination when its complete! ⠀

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