Social Media Management: 

Running your social media is one of the last priorities for small business.  You never have time to effectively plan and execute a social media campaign, day to day engagement is hard to keep up, creating and curating content is a time-consuming process.  Trust me, I know.  I ran a small business for 7 years, and though I was able to have a decent social media following, I did not maximise on it and I was not consistent as there were always other priorities.     

I looked at hiring someone/an agency to do it for me, but the cost was prohibitive.  I’m aiming to provide a bespoke solution that is within the budget of a small business, that fits your needs.  

Content Creation:

I love creating content both video and still.  If you are looking for a photo shoot to fit with your brand or if you’d rather let me do my thing and seek inspiration from my everyday life, that’s brilliant.  Together we can create digital content to help your brand build awareness and influence.

Restaurant Shoots

Patara – New Menu Shoot

Meat & Shake – Socials Shoot

Patara – Cocktail Shoot

Grab Thai – Socials Shoot

Coal Rooms Peckham – Lunch Menu

Wright Brothers – Crawfish Boil

Ichibuns – New Menu

Delicatessen – Social Feast

Mare St Market x Fette Sau – Summer Terrace Launch

Cecconi’s Pizza Bar – Lunch Menu

Subo Sake – Deliveroo Menu Shoot

Kebab Klub – Deliveroo Menu Shoot

Pinto & Black – Deliveroo Menu Shoot




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