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Essential Kitchen Kit

I’m kinda kitchen obsessed, well not kinda, I’, a full fledge kitchen obsessive.  I love getting great kit to help me cook.  I’m not one of those fad gadget buyers, which is clearly a lie. I buy loads of stuff, but loads of it goes back if it’s not up to scratch. 

So these are a few of my key pieces that I cant live without.

Hario Cold Brew Bottle

I freaking love cold brew. For the record I loved it before it was hip.  I’ve always had a penchant for cold coffee, so happy that its readidly availible.  I like to drink it year round. Such fun exploring different beans and roasts to see the suble variances. 

Makiing cold brew is really and you dont need any special kit. That said, this bottle from Hario makes it a dream with its integrated filter. the design is clever as it can be set on its side in the fridge if you dont have the space. 

Ninja Nutri Blender

I always wanted a Vitamix, but never could justify the cost vs the actual number of times that I’d actually use it.  So i did my research to find the next best option in a more reasonable price bracket.

All searches led back to this 1200k W Ninga Blender.  Its great for blending velvety soups, morning smooties and most importantly frappes. Im obsessed with making Matcha frappes in mine.  Hopefully you will be too..  

Sage Kettle

Im quite fond of Heston Blumenthol.  Mainly because of his obsession with perfection.  I see the same quality in myself, but i have the knowledge to let other people seach  perfection for me. 

This kettle is a brilliantly designed kettle with 5 variable heat settings so you can brew your tea and coffee with the perfect water temps. it has a slow openeing lid so hot water and steam does not spurt.  It has a clever keep warm function for those days when you need coffee in rapid sucession.  If that was not enough… its damn sexy.  

Lodge Cast Iron Skillets

Im obsessed with these little Lodge Cast Iron skillets. Not only are they super cute… they are super versatile. You can obviously make baked eggs in them, but you can bake scones (or biscuits) in them, individual fritattas, individual fruit cobblers and skillet cookies.  

What makes these so great is their ability to retain heat. They get hot and stay hot. I really want my next purchase to be the larger deep Lodge Cast Iron skillet to make fried chicken (among other things) in. 

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