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I’m ScottCanEat. (You can just call me Scott.) I am an award-winning food and travel content creator with an insatiable appetite for food, travel, and adventure.

I’m an American ex-pat who has lived in the UK since 1999.  I’m really proud to call London my home now! 

Welcome to Scott Can Eat

Food has always been the stuff that feeds my belly and feeds my mind.  I’ve been in an LTR with food for my entire lifetime.

Besides my love of food & drink, I have a passion for travel, architecture, art and design.   I probably won’t shut up about the latest TV show I’m watching, my current skincare regime or  the last plate of food I devoured.  

He’s a winner

In 2021 (after the worst year for most of the world) I was Nominated for Food Influencer of the Year in the Blogosphere Magazine (now known as bCreator Magazine) Awards.  I only went on and won the award.  It was a total shock as you can see on my face! 

… its not the first

If you look hard enough, I also appeared and won an episode of The Weakest Link (Season 4, Episode 75, to be precise). My winning answer was food-related (go figure). If you have ever wondered what Mexican food means, ‘little donkey’…. (The Weakest Link Winning), The answer is Burrito.

Everything Started in 2005

You might have seen me on TV, I appeared on BBC’s MasterChef (2005 & 2006) or as a contributor to MasterChef Goes Large.  Yep, I’m the guy who dropped his tart on national television.  
Knowing that I wanted to work in food, I started a blog called ScottCanCook.Com. John Torrode inspired the name when he said in one of his critiques that ‘Scott Can Cook’. 

Out of that blog, I founded and ran a successful Bakery for 7 years.  We supplied American-styled-baked goods for some of London’s best department stores, independent coffee shops, markets and incredible customers.

When the bittersweet day came for me to wrap up that business, I decided that I would move on to content creation and world of digital communications. 

BCreator (Blogosphere Magazine) Food Creator of the Year 2021

What about today?

I feel fortunate to have worked with incredible brand partnerships, such as Pinterest, McDonald’s, KFC, Vodaphone, Haribo, Tastemade, Smirnoff, and Princess Cruises.

I also create content and develop digital strategies for brands by managing social media accounts, providing content creation services, content planning, community management, website maintenance, email marketing, and crisis management. 

Stick around.. the adventure is going to be fun!