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My Top London Ramen List

Unlike burgers in London, it’s not filled with Ramen restaurants on every corner.  I think that makes the good ones work harder to stay the best.  There are a few key players and they have multiple locations (not in a Pret way thought)

With my London Burger List, I love them all pretty equally bit for different reasons.  When it comes to Ramen its easy for me to rank them.

1st – Bone Daddies

When Bone Daddies first opened I was a once a week Bone Daddies addict. Probably because they got me excited about ramen in London. I keep coming back to Bone Daddies because i love all of the thought that goes into building the bowls and their 30 hour bone broth.  The last couple of times I’ve been the broth seems to be silkier than before. They are constantly improving and tweaking it to further perfection.

My go to bowl is the Yuzu Tonkotsu.

2nd –  Kanada Ya

Correct me if I’m wrong…but Kanada Ya was the first Japanese ramen house to expand to London.  Their bowls are classic and probably the most authentic.   Their broth is one of the silkier broths in London.  Love how they ask how you want your noodles..  I like em hard BTW.

My go to bowl is the London exclusive Tonkotsu X with extra egg OBVS.

3rd – Yamagoya

Yamagoya is another Japanese import ramen house. It started out as a pop up above Shuang Shuang Hot Pot.  They have since left and have their own restaurant on the Cut near The Old Vic. The broth is silky and their toppings are classic.  

My go-to bowl is the Yuzukara Ramen.  Its bright and fresh with a kick of heat.

4th – Nanban

Masterchef winner Tim Anderson has found home in Brixton at Nanban.  I will admit that when he was doing a pop up of the concept at Market House I was not wowed in the least.  His proper bricks and mortar restaurant has done him good.  His ramen is fun and the broth is good, but not as silky smooth as some of the others in London.  Where his broth lacks silk, it makes up for it in the bowl composition.  Tim has infused a bit of Brixton flavour into the dishes like salt cod and curry goat. Sounds weird, but it really works!  Brixton is blessed to have it.

My go to bowl is The Leopard.

5th – Shoyru

Shoyru is an interesting one for me. If their menu only had ramen I’d probably have my fingers clicking at the keys.  I see you scratching your heads as to why I’ve included them. Their ramen is good, but its the total package that Shoyru offers.  I’m talking about their expansive menu,  there is a lot to choose from like takoyaki, steamed buns and some killer kare age that all are done well.

My go-to bowl is the Dracula Tonkotsu. Love that black garlic.

HM – Koya

I know that this is a ramen list…. but entertain me whilst I put Koya on the list. I love my ramen, but I think udon might be my trump card noodle. The thick toothsome noodle is just soooo soothing to eat.  It’s been a long tome since I’ve had Koya. Mega excited to hear they were launching a full restaurant again in the Bloomberg Arcade. Their udon is to die for and they have pretty incredible sides.

The Last Slurp

This ramen list is by no means comprehensive, just an edited list of ramen that I’d make a b-line  

Is there a ramen that you love and I’ve missed out? Email me, tweet me or slide it into my dm. 

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