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Bone Daddies x Nagi Ramen

The secret to a brilliant take over/collaboration is picking a brand to collaborate with that aligns perfectly with your brand and #BoneDaddiesXNagiRamen does just that. If i had not known that this was a kitchen takeover i could have been tricked into thinking this was @bonedaddies test kitchen. The Chefs Special was a chilled ramen with a light and fragrant shelfish infused broth that would have been so freaking refreshing on one of those blistering hot summer day. The Black King was what I was gagging to slurp as it was a 10/10 for me on paper. It was nice, but I thought it was a little heavy on the garlic oil that left a really bitter taste on my palate. It’s just not for me. The star of the show as the Green King with its nod to Genoa. The deeply rich and silky⠀
basil and parmesan broth was pure pleasure to slurp to the very last drop. ⠀
Does it make me a #RamenLovingFraud if I’ve never heard of @ramennagi_jp before the announcement of the Takeover? Hope Not, because its now on my list of ramen to try when I’m over on that side of the world⠀

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