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Spiked Eggnog – No Cook Method

One Christmas tradition that I miss here in the UK is eggnog. Proper eggnog. Not an Eggnog Latte (they are not the same) Most certainly not Advocat which someone tried to pass off on me when I first moved here.

You can get eggnog here in the UK, but its super expensive and its filled with preventives and UBER sweet. This recipe is kind of easy and uses a blender and a hand whisk.

Eggnog is generally spiked with rum, brandy or bourbon. I’ve gone with a mixture of Jack Daniels Fire for some cinnamon heat, Absolut Vanilla for some sweetness and Bulleit Bourbon for a kick.

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Mulgroni – Mulberry Gin Negroni

Mulgroni - Mulberry Gin Negroni
One of my favourite Autumn cocktails is a Classic Negroni. There is something about the bitter orange and vermouth rosso that cuddles me like being under a chunky blanket. ⠀Totes Cozy right?   As much as i love them, gin and tonics do not cut it for me when there is a chill in the air! 
I love this little play on the classic by swapping out the gin for the slightly fruity  Boodles Mulberry Gin

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