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Moro Boutique Hotel, Marrakech Morocco

Moro Boutique Hotel Marrakech, Morocco

I’ve been to Marrakech about six times. When I’ve visited Marrakesh in the past, I’ve stayed at a load of places: a super budget room in the Médina, a Nice resort near Agdal, a private riad in the Médina, a resort in Hivernage… but my favourite place by far has been The Moro Boutique Hotel in Marrakech. 

It feels like staying in a riad, but you get a tastefully designed suite instead of having a room. 

The Neighbourhood

The Moro Boutique Hotel is located in the Gueliz area of Marrakech; Gueliz is the new town with modern businesses and wide streets, It’s also home to the Majorelle Garden and YSL museum ( both are next door to the Moro Boutique Hotel.  

It’s a great location if you don’t want to stay in the intoxicating buzzy medina.  That said, The medina is about 15 minutes by foot.  

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    Hotel Otella Interiors
  • Hotel Otella Interiors
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    Public Spaces
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    Interior Design
  • Luxuty Hotel Copenhagen

    Love the almost brutalist design
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    Idustrial Vibes

The Design

You all know that I’m a sucker for design, and the MOro Boutique Hotel in Marrakech will be a visual joy!  It began its renovaton in 2019, ready to launch in 2020, and that year did not go to plan.

Design-wise, it draws inspiration from 70s architecture and exudes the vibrant ambience of a vintage Marrakech with a splash of the laid-back allure of Palm Springs.

there are only 10 suites in the hotel, and each of them are designed and laid out slightly differently 

The Rooms

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    Room Detail s
  • Room with a view
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    Window Chaise
  • Luxuty Hotel Copenhagen

    Love the almost brutalist design
  • Luxuty Hotel Copenhagen

    Bedroom vibes

Think buff plastered walls, authentic Moroccan textiles, low-slung sofas, metal tables, crisp white linens, and bits of supple leather here and there. The colour palette is a dream of greys, browns and white. 

There are several categories of suites… I selected a pool-facing suite, which meant I could be out of my door and in the pool in less than 30 seconds.

The suites are divided over two floors with the living downstairs and the bedroom and bathroom are upstairs, 

The main design feature in the living room is the round windows with a settee.  There were low-slung sofas and pieces of Morrocan, And I had to say the A/c was incredible. 

The second floor has an open-plan wardrobe and super comfortable beds with the crispest white sheets.  There was also a vintage armchair and table 

My bathroom had a walk-in waterfall shower, intoxicating-smelling toiletries, and a gorgeous pink tiled floor. One of the things I love the most is that my window overlooks Majorelle Garden

It’s worth noting that most of the art pieces could be purchased or something similar from their concept store. 

Honey Custard Tart

The Food and Drink

They serve breakfast daily by the pool.  Every day was similar, but there were little variations.  Always a fried egg, with freshly made breads like Round Khobz Bread, Msemmen, Beghrir and Harcha.  There was the thickest yoghurt and a small selection of pastries served with tea, coffee and juice.    It was the perfect start to the day. 

  • Chalk Stream trout tartare
  • Potato Crab & Mushroom
  • St Austell Mussles Artichokes

There is also a small restaurant behind the concept shop. They serve home-style Moroccan cuisine that’s excellent value for the price in a chic little secluded courtyard.

To start, I had a selection of salads… including one of the best aubergine dishes I’ve had in my life (I normally am a bit meh about aubergine), a potato, tuna, and caper salad, and a pepper salad. All were delish. For mains, I had creamy chicken served over a bed of cauliflower couscous, washed down with a beautiful bergamot and orange blossom drink.

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    The Gym
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    The Gym
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The Extras

There is a Yoga Studio onsite that you can book into

There is also a really chic concept shop that blends the essence of Moroccan tradition with modernity.  Some of the pieces you see in your room can be purchased in-store 

While they do not provide TVs in your rooms, they offer complimentary Wi-Fi for your entertainment needs. During my stay, I found this to be a refreshing change, allowing me to fully unwind and disconnect. 

They also arrange airport transfers which is super fandy 

  • Moro Boutique Hotel Marrakesh

    Moro Concept Shop
  • Moro Boutique Hotel Marrakesh

    Moro Concept Shop
  • Moro Boutique Hotel Marrakesh

    Textile Studio and Yoga Centre

The Damage

My Junior Suite with a pool view is currently starting at about £141 per night booked directly through the hotel.   I was able to find slightly cheaper offers thought booking platforms.

The Final Thought

I loved that the owners have a passion for art and design and it’s reflected in the room decor and overall vibe of the small resort.

I think it’s the perfect location—away from the hustle and bustle of the Médina but far out in a mega-resort where you are one of the hundreds of guests.

I can’t stress enough how highly I recommend this hotel. I will definitely choose to stay there on my next visit to Marrakesh.

The Pool

Moro Boutique Hotel

The Details

Moro Boutique Hotel
Dalia, Av. Yacoub El Mansour,
Marrakech 40090, Morocco



Moro Boutique Hotel

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