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My Manchester Top Picks

Growing up in a land locked state in the US has made me a bit obsessed with British seaside towns.  Margate has this eclectic vibe thanks to a bit of regeneration whilst maintaining its charm.  A friend called it Shoreditch on the Sea, but please do not let that put you off your visit.  Let’s say its the best parts of Shoreditch on the SeaThere are great coffee shops, quirky boutiques, quality restaurants and brilliant fish and chips. What more could you ask for? A restored Funfair is what. Dreamlands makes for a   a brilliant afternoon out.  With it being a 90 minute train journey from London it makes for a grat day out or a lovely weekend by the sea.

Sleep ::  Design-Led ApartHotel stay at Whitworth Locke

As much as I love staying in full-service hotels… I’m a mega fan of Aparthotels.   Whitworth Lock is the newest and easily the most design-led entry in the Aparthotel offering.  What I love most is with aparthotels you get a bedroom, living space and fully functioning kitchen all for the price of a standard hotel room elsewhere. . . Its great if you are obsessed with haveing midnight fridge snacks at your fingertips.
Besides their instagrammable interiors, they have loads of workspaces on the ground floor… A speciality coffee shop (Foundation Coffee), Conservatory Bar,  Shampoo that smells of Salted Caramel by Kinsey Apothecary and some of the fluffiest towels I’ve ever wrapped around my plus-sized frame. 
These are just a few perks that set Whitworth Locke head and shoulders of other Aparthotels.

Micro Studios from £87

Sleep :: Cliftonville Townhouse

The townhouse is gloriously furnished to a high standard with restored fireplaces, fourposter beds, marble, vintage furnishings and freestanding baths. LUXURY. It does not end there, just look at this breakfast spread.
The property is situated in the Cliftonville (hence the name) of Margate. Its about a 10 minute walk to the main promanade 

40 Gordon Rd

Eat :: Cheesy Tiger

I’ve always been a little dubious of a single ingredient menu, but was excited for some reason to try out Cheesy Tiger.  So much so that we ordered every cheese dish.  Burrata, heirloom tomatos and broadbeans tasted of pure summer!  The macaroni and cheese was decadent as was the cheese toasty.  Every dish was a winner and not a single stinker! If the food was not reason enough to visit… it’s situated on the marina. So expect beautiful views of the Margate seafront whilst you get your cheese on.
 I could not reccomend this more because you cant beat 6 dishes and nice bottle of wine for £60! (Major thanks to Margate Mega babe Kirsty from Fashion For Lunch for recommending this)

Unit 7 & 8, Harbour Arm, Margate CT9 1AP

Cheesy Tiger Facebook

Eat :: Angelas

If you cant get great seafood in a seaside town, there is something wrong.  Thankfully Angela’s opened their doors in February bringing an excellent destination for seafood to Margate.Its a small and chic little place with bistro feels and open views to the teeny kitchen for a little cooking theatre.   There is an ever-changing menu scribed on a huge chalkboard based on whatever fish and vegetables are in their prime.  The flavours are simple and uncomplicated using ethically sourced & MSC certified seafood. My starter and mains were cooked perfectly and quite filling. so filling I almost did not order a dessert. But the almond and rhubarb cake on the chalkboard menu kept winking at me. So glad I did, it was so much more than just a cake.  It was one of the most buttery slabs almond cake with rhubarb and creme fraiche. 
I was lucky to get a walk-in table, do it best to book.   They also do a great little lunch deal so check that out. 

21 The Parade, Margate CT9 1EX

Angela’s Margate

Eat :: Fort’s Cafe

The first time I was in Margate i walked past Fort’s cafe a couple times dismissing it as shabby old greasy spoon.  Nothing against a greasy spoon, just they can be more miss than hit. Curb apeal aside, Fort’s Cafe is the cafe you want to find in a seaside town thats living its best life.  Solid breakfast and brunch options served on pastel hued formica toped vintage tables.  Love the fact that its compleletly unassuming outside but Its effortlessly hip inside. All the key menu players were there and was spolt for choice. I thought my breakfast was really generous for the price.  The locals swear by it too. 

8 Cliff Terrace, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 1RU, England+44 1843 449786

Eat :: The Bus Cafe

Situated a short walk from Margate train station you will find this double decker bus parked near the sand.   Open from the morning to late afternoon 6 days a week (closed on Tuesdays) this converted double decker bus serves up breakfast to afternoon coffee and cake. Their signature dish are their Mounds. Basically an architecturally stacked breakfast on grilled sourdough bread. I went for the hangover mound re-friend baked beans, mumbled eggs, peppered mushrooms, crisped bacon lardons, butterflied gluten free sausage served with homemade tomato ketchup on a bed of spinach.  If I had been hungover this would have been the cure! 

Royal Crescent Promenade, Margate CT9 5AJ

Eat :: Melt Gelato

What more could you want by the seaside than fish & chips. Everyone recommended this and from the queues outside all of Margate loves Peter’s Fish Factory. Deffo the best chippie in Margate.

16 Marine Dr, Margate CT9 1DH

Melt Margate Facebook

Drink: Radio Margate

Nestleled on a parade of shops acrossfrom the the Margate Lidos is Radio Margate.  They serve up pretty darn fivne coffee, cake, bites and yes there is a radio station there.   Love the ecclectic iteriors that feels more chic than shabby.  My iced coffee wat Clipson & Sons beans.

17 Cliff Terrace, Margate, Kent CT9 1RU

Eat :: Petes Fish Factory

What more could you want by the seaside than fish & chips?   Everyone recommended this and from the queues outside all of Margate loves Peter’s Fish Factory. Perfect seafront treat to eat and enjoy the waves crash against the sea.  Deffo the best chippie in Margate. 

Unit 7 & 8, Harbour Arm, Margate CT9 1AP

Cheesy Tiger Facebook

Shop: Haeckles

I’ve been a fan of Haeckles for a while, obviously not a big enough fan to know that it is based in Margate. I was over the moon when walking past to find the chic little shop. Haeckles started out creating simple hand crafted skin care products showcasing local ingredients,sea buckthorn, and willow bark.I know they are all about skin care but I adore the candles. The scents are very emotive, long lasting and soy based candles.

18 Cliff Terrace Margate CT9 1RU


Eat :: Mannings Seafood Shack

Mannings Seafood Stall is a family business which has been part of the Margate experience for generations. Whether you just want a small portion of cockles, mussels or a dozen oysters and some champagne to sip on the marina this is your place.  Its a no frill shack that serves up decent fresh seafood. 

The Parade, Margate Harbour, Margate CT9 1DD, England

Mannings Seafood Stall Facebookannings Seafood Stall Facebook

Do: Turner Contempory

I love a good museum and The Turner Contemporary does not disappoint. Finished in 2011 and designed by David Chipperfield it was built on a bit of land that Turner once lived, The 3 storey gallery garnered criticized for looking ‘alien, brutal and bleak’.  Whoever said that clearly has no taste.  The building catches and plays with the ever-changing light making it a spectacle. Not a spectacle like the Guggenheim in Bilbao, but a smaller spectacle. 
Entry is free, so it would be rude to not visit. 

Rendezvous Kent CT9 1HG

Do: Dreamlands

There has been amusement rides on this site since 1880, but was not christened Dreamlands untill 1920.  Like most seaside towns, they began to fall into disrepair in the late 1990’s.   After a series of false starts with regeneration, in 2017 there was a refurbisment and relaunch.   Complete with a roller disco, restored vintage rides, mirror maze, dodgems, arcade games and some pretty good food.  Loved the candy floss trader. For £16 you get a big kid (aka adult) entrance, free rides, access to the roller disco and the octopus garden. Excelent value for an afternoon of fun! 

49-51 Marine Terrace, Margate, Kent, CT9 1XJ

Do you have suggestions for me?

Did I miss out on your favourite breakfast haunt?  What about the best flat white in the neighbourhood?  Is there a must eat restaurant that just opened up? 
I’d love to know. 

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