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Once upon a time, I said that I was not down with Ethiopian cuisine…… simply because of the one time that I ate it and the Injura left a sour taste in my mouth. It was really hard for me to enjoy anything else on the plate because it was sooo sour. I wrote off the cuisine as a whole as the bread is so central to the cuisine and this was lauded as the most authentic Ethiopian in London. ⠀

I’ve always walked past @merkamo.ethiopian in @oldspitalfieldsmarket market and thought the display looked so vibrant and wholesome. Once again the visual stimuli overruled my previous experiences and I ordered. Have to say that I really loved all of the different lentils, salads, couscous and vegetables. I felt very virtuous with every wholesome bite. And you know what… the Injura was not as sour as the time that i had it before.⠀

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