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One Pan Egg Bagel

One Pan Egg Hack

Hello Ham, Egg and Cheese bagel. I’m an egg obsessive, so when I find a new way to cook eggs, yep you guessed it I’m all in. I saw a Korean video on how to make One Pan Egg Toast and thought I’d give it a try.

You know the one where the eggs are put in the pan, then the bread is added. The egg is then flipped, then the ham and cheese are added. Magic happens when you do an oragami-like fold, it turns into an egg sandwich. I’ll link the video below…

I tried it like the original video with bread and liked it… but wanted a little more texture to the bread so I thought I’d make a riff on McDonald’s classic breakfast.

The trick is to toast the cut side of the Warburtons bagel before placing it on the omelette of Clarence Court eggs to give it a little more structure if you want a sturdier sandwich.
You need:

A Bagel
2 beaten eggs seasoned with salt & pepper
A couple of slices of burger cheese
A few slices of sandwich ham.

Toast you bagels on the cut side in a non-stick pan. Remove from the pan
Add the eggs to the non-stick pan. Swirl to coat the pan.
Place the bagels cut side down in the eggs.
Cook till the eggs are set.
Flip and place the cheese and ham where the bagels are. Fold the edges of the omelette in like an envelope. then fold in half to make a sandwich.

What ya think? Gonna give it a try?

One Pan Egg Bagel
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