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Urban Dwelling BBQ

Unless you are a vegan or vegetarian…. There is nothing tastier than a beautiful slab of meat cooked to perfection with a nice caramelised crust on the outside and buttery tender on the inside.   The only way to achieve that is from high heat, which you can achieve in the kitchen, well you can in my flat if you don’t mind setting off every fire alarm. 

The other option is to take it outdoors and do it, caveman, style over an open fire.  Great because you can get higher heat, there are smoke alarms going off and your home is not filled with that lovely meaty smell.  Now that is all fine and dandy if you have a good outdoor space or don’t have a city balcony like mine where open fires are prohibited.  What is a griller to do?

Well, say hello to the kings of BBQ Weber! They have just released an electric grill built for urban living.  Now I hear you asking electric?  Hold on to your kebabs I’m going to go through it all, trust me.   I’m cheering the concept of electric already.  Just the idea of not having to lug around charcoal, or even the potential simplicity of just flipping a switch to heat it up without any matches or lighting fluids.  Colour me curious!

Simon Rimmer for WeberWeber invited me to have lunch cooked by Simon Rimmer, (yeah that guy off that brunch show on the TV).  I have to admit that I was a bit dubious of how electric would cook in comparison to an actual fire.  Thankfully this afternoon put those to fears aside.  I mean how could Weber stamp their name to anything that was not quality.

Simon and his crew were cooking on the Weber Pulse 2000.  We started with salmon hot dogs, then moved on to a beautifully cooked porterhouse and all the sides and finished with a salted caramel brownie.   All cooked in the Weber Pulse 2000.

The Pulse 2000 is the top of the range grill with 2 controllable heating zones.  So, you can sear a steak over high heat on one side, while you can grill vegetables on a low heat on the other side or even do indirect heat.  What really sets this apart is the exposed heating element.  The fats drip on to the element then are burned off and the flavour gets put back into whatever you are cooking.

If that was not cool enough the Pulse 2000 is equipped with the iGrill technology giving you even more control over your meat from beginning to end through Bluetooth real time on your iGrill App on your mobile device.   

Thank you to Simon Rimmer and the Weber team….. I’m sold!  Now I just need to save up my pennies to invest in the grill.  The Pulse 100 Grill starts at £549.00 for the grill unit alone… with the Pulse 2000 with cart maxing out at £799.00  

Courgette Salad

Courgette Salad





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