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KFC Style Popcorn Chicken

KFC Popcorn Chicken Fakeaway

[This post is part of a paid collaboration with Aldi ]

When Aldi challenged me to create a Fakeaway… I had a couple of ideas. The first one was to honour the colonel himself and create some finger-licking good KFC Popcorn chicken and all the sides.

I spent just over £7 to make this spread and it fed two hungry mouths… plus there are loads of the ingredients left over for other uses. ⁣

The Star of the show was the American BBQ seasoning as I think it was a good nod to the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices in one jar. Another secret was to marinate the chicken in greek yoghurt and pickle brine overnight. Trust me it makes it epic. ⁣

KFC Style Popcorn Chicken

KFC Popcorn Chicken Fakeaway

500g Chicken Breast ⁣
125ml Plain Yoghurt⁣
2 tbs Brine from a Jar of gherkins⁣
150g Plain Flour ⁣
1 tsp Baking Powder⁣
2 tsp salt ⁣
2 tbs Stone Mill American BBQ Seasoning ⁣
Vegetable oil for frying⁣

Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces. Put the pieces of chicken in the yoghurt, 2 tbs of the gherkin juice (trust me) and a couple of splashes of hot sauce. Marinate overnight. ⁣

In a bowl, combine your Flour, Baking Powder, 2nd tsp of Salt, Bbq Seasoning⁣

Take your yoghurt covered chicken and coat it in the flour mixture. Really try and get as much flour in the cracks of the chicken.⁣ Heat 500ml of oil, depending on the depth of the pan. ⁣

In batches, add the chicken and fry for around 3-5mins until golden brown. Place on a kitchen roll to drain away excess fat. To test if they’re cooked, just take one piece out and slice it through the centre. It should be white and piping hot.⁣

Serve with fries, coleslaw and sweetcorn and gravy

KFC Style Popcorn Chicken

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