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Restaurant Quality Ingredients Delivered

Wolf and Lamb Delivery – Restaurant Quality Ingredients Delivered.

As much of a lover of modern advances and conveniences… I’ve never been a fan of online grocery shopping… There is something about perusing over the perfect tomatoes, selecting that sensational steak and getting inspired by something that has just come into season. 

For the time being those days are gone…. Well not really gone, but have lost a little bit of their sparkle.    Well, that sparkle was shining again when I received [gifted] this delivery from Wolf and Lamb Delivery.   I mean who does not love Restaurant Quality Ingredients Delivered to their door?

One of my favourite restaurants in Stoke Newington (Wolf) and their Sister catering Company (Wolf and Lamb) has just started a home grocery delivery service.  They are bringing Restaurant Quality Ingredients and Delivered to your door. I can vouch from what I’ve devoured already it the produce tastes so much better than what I’d get at a big grocery store.  I mean, just look at this grocery delivery haul. 

Their mission is to help all those unable to get food deliveries – no one should have to wait three weeks for a supermarket delivery. 

Restaurant Quality Ingredients Delivered

The Wolf and Lamb online shop has the likes of :
Meat from Jones the Butcher
Charcuterie from Cobble Lane Cured
Cheese from The Cheese Merchants
Dairy from Estate Dairy
Bakery goods from Pavilion
Kombucha from Fix8
Tea from Tea Pigs

And some of the most amazing fruit and vegetable selection that I’ve seen outside of leisurely strolling through Borough Market.  I really can’t complain about the curated selection either… I offloaded the few items that I don’t eat (HELLO BANANAS) and some of the other ingredients challenged me to cook something new (Hello Aubergines) 

All orders will be delivered straight to your door within 48 hours. Plus, it’s free delivery on orders over £35. 

Check out their fruit and veg bundles featuring restaurant Quality Ingredients Dalong with dairy, meat, pasta, wine, coffee and more – all at ethical prices.

To get 10% off your first delivery follow the link below or use code SCOTTCANEAT at the checkout…

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