Wild Turkey 101 Masterclass with Hot Box London

As much as I love unexpected pairings in food drink, I take great comfort when things are paired together because they are cohesive in ingredients or production. For example, Seafood with Samphire, Wild game with foraged berries, and Oak aged bourbon and oak smoked bbq. That’s exactly what Hot Box and Wild Turkey 101 have done with their Wild Turkey 101 masterclasses.


The other evening I was treated to a BBQ and Oldfashioned masterclass at Hotbox London. The evening was brilliant. We had a masterclass from Hot Box master smoker, bbq king and generally all-around good guy Lewis Spenser. We learned how to make our own dry rub for pork, chicken and beef. He walked us through the art of smoking meat. It was informal and informative, just what anyone who is interested in bbq needs to wet their appetite to learn more.

Afterall the meaty talk, we turned to the libations. Wild Turkey Brand Ambassador Sam Kershaw was on hand to introduce us to give us a 101 on Wild Turkey 101. When it comes to Wild Turkey they make no compromises. It is produced in Kentucky using water from the Kentucky River that is naturally filtered through limestone, removing iron and other impurities. They are still using the original yeast strain proprietary to Wild Turkey which has formed the bourbon’s signature flavour for over 60 years  Bourbon’s colour tells you a lot about its age. You’ll notice that Wild Turkey has a deep auburn colour,  because its aged longer in barrels with the deepest char.  Sam walked us through making the perfect Old Fashioned… Who knew it was sooo simple?  Deffo one to be making at home.   

Then came the food, after all this talk of food and drink this was a feast.  Pulled pork sliders, Beer can chicken, smoked ribs, corn pudding, tomato and watermelon salad, charred lettuce salad and beetroot slaw.  I’ve always had a love of Hot Box, but i forgot just how good it was. I can’t wait to go back and have another dinner there. 

This was the first of a series of  Wild Turkey 101s Masterclasses.  The goal of the masterclasses is for the participants to attend and leave with the feeling that they have learnt an everyday task, with the help of Wild Turkey.  Mission accomplished. 

You can find all the upcoming Wold Turkey 101’s here https://lineupnow.com/event/wild-turkey-101s

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